How it Works

Solar technology is easy and amazing. Solar Panels are extremely low-maintenance and that's because there are no moving parts. Your energy source comes from the sun, which is a reliable source, of course, it's available locally and sunlight is always free.

A Solar Electric System is composed of just a few major components - Photovoltaic Panels (the generator of electricity) and an Inverter (a power conditioning unit). With a grid-tied Solar Electric System, your system is connected to the local utility grid, which serves as the energy storage and backup for the Solar Power you generate.

During the day when the sun is shining, your Solar Electric Panels are generating electricity, and if you are not home to consume the electricity, it is fed though the meter to the utility grid and your meter actually spins backwards, banking credit for you.

Later in the evening when you return home, you use the electricity from the utility grid and your meter spins forward utilizing the credit you accrued during the day. The utility company is required to credit you for for the amount of electricity your Solar System contributes to the grid at the retail value of the electricity at the time it was generated. By properly sizing your Solar System to cover electricity usage, you can eliminate your electric bill and you won't have to pay an electric bill again for the life of the Solar Electric System.

On October 11, 2009, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed Assembly Bill 920 (AB920-Huffman-Solar and Wind Generation) into law. This law addresses several aspects of renewable energy in California. One provision of the law that directly affects SCE NEM customers is a requirement that SCE offer customers compensation for any net surplus electricity generated over a 12-month period.

AB 920 also requires that the California Public Utilities Commission set the compensation amount for surplus electricity by January 1, 2011. The compensation amount will be used to pay eligible customers for net surplus electricity generated during their relevant period ending in 2011. SCE will notify customers of the compensation amount as soon as it is established; then, they will have the option to either receive payment for their surplus electricity, or have the surplus electricity credited towards their electricity usage in their next relevant period.



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