Net Metering

What is Net Metering?

A Solar Electric System is composed of a few major components - Photovoltaic Panels and an Inverter.

With a grid-tied Solar Electric System, your system is connected to the local utility grid, which serves as the energy storage and backup for the Solar Power you generate.

During the day when the sun is shining, your Solar Electric Panels are generating electricity, and if you are not home to consume the electricity, it is fed through the meter to the utility grid and your meter actually spins backward, banking a credit for you.

In the evening when you return home, you use electricity from the utility grid and your meter spins forward utilizing the credit you accrued during the day.

With Southern California Edison and San Diego Gas and Electric, you have the option to pay your utility bill once a year. These two utility companies will send you an updated statement each month , so you will know if you have a credit or debt in electrical usage with them. If after one year you have produced more electricity than you have utilized the utility company must pay you for the excess electric you produced, and you once again start fresh with your meter numbers.  If your meter shows a higher number at the end of the metering year, then you pay for the extra power you utilized.


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