Does Anyone recognize this?
- "$200 per month, 6.0% interest rate, after 20 years... you are
    talking $100,000!"
- Sounds like a retirement account... is it?

What if you are paying $200.00 per month for electricity and the
rate rises at 6.0% per year and you continue to pay for 20 years,
how much will you spend?
ANSWER: $100,000 on electricity is spent

So how much of a nest egg is our customer really saving up... $0!
Sure their account reads $100,000 but they spent $100,000 on 
electricity bills at the SAME time. Utility rate increases are the
same as compound interest (everyone loves this) in reverse.

- $200 per month = $2,400 for year 1
- Year 2 is 6.0% (for example) more.
- $2,400 x 6.0% = $144.00  So, year 2 they spend $2,544.00...
- $2,544 x 6.0% = $153.00  And so, year 3 they spend $2,690.00

Possible counter argument.  "Yes, but in 20 years, paying $10,000
a year for electricity will be done using money not worth as much
as it is today."

POSSIBLE RESPONSE; True and I completely agree. At the same
time, that $10,000 that you have been saving up can now only
buy you a single year of electricity! You are right...there has to
be a better use for your money. Like SOLAR

So ask me how I can increase your home equity, but also show you
a return on your investment of 10% within that 5-10 years. DO YOUR'll see that the average percentage rate of electricity
has been going up 6% over the last 30 years. There is NO OTHER home
improvement that will pay you back on your investment and not cost
you an increase in your property tax... NOT A ONE. Think I'm making
it up? Ask your neighbor what that $50,000 kitchen remodel really
did for him. See what I mean? So what are you waiting for.

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