Q. Aren't Electric Solar Panels still really expensive?
A. NO! A Electric Solar System is actually far more economical over the long term than buying your power from the utility. After the state rebates and tax credits, if you finance the Electric Solar System over a 25-year period, the monthly cost of Solar can run about the same as your current electric bill. The big advantage is that this will never increase, while the cost of electricity from the utility has increased at an average rate of 6% per year over the last 30 years. Solar is a great investment for the long term.

Q. Do I need to buy a Electric Solar System that will eliminate my electric bill?
A. No. Many people buy Electric Solar Systems that only eliminate part of their electric bill. The utilities have adopted a rate structure that increases the cost of electricity as you use more of it. Many people choose a Electric Solar system that will only eliminate the most expensive electricity. This increases the return on your investment.

Q. What size Electric Solar System do I need?
A. A Solar Electric System designed by Sunbelt Solar Systems can easily produce all the electricity you need for your home. They come in many different sizes, and we have a system that just the right size to meet your needs. We typically go back and look at your old electric bills to see how many kilowatt-hours per month you have been using. Based on your usage, we can recommend a system that meets your electric load.

Q. How much space does it take on my roof?
A. Solar Electric Power Systems take approximately 100 sq st of surface area (panel area) per 1 kilowatt of generating capacity. Therefore the average 4-kilowatt system we were talking about would require about 400 sq ft of good sun exposure.

Q. Will the utility company send me a check if I produce more than I use?
A. Yes. On October 11, 2009 Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed Assembly Bill 920 (AB920-Huffman-Solar and Wind Generation) into law. This law addresses several aspects of renewable energy in California. One provision of the law that directly affects SCE NEM customers is a requirement that SCE offer customers compensation for any net surplus electricity generated over a 12-month period.

Q. Will Solar Panels work on any house?
A. No, but it works in many locations. You need an unobstructed south, southeast or southwest facing roof top, with limited shade on an area where the Solar Panels will  be installed. Alternatively, you can mount the Solar Panel System on a ground rack. You can also install a reverse rack on the northside of your roof.

Q. Will I ever have to pay another electric rate increase if I buy this Electric Solar System?
A. If you opt to purchase a Solar Electric System that covers your entire electricity usage, you won't ever have to pay for power again. Investing in a Solar Electric Power System is like buying insurance against future rate hikes; you'll never get another electric rate increase for the next 30 years and you become your own power company. You've bought the Solar Electric System, now the fuel (sunshine) is free!



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